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Discovery Triathlon

Welcome to one of your first triathlons, if not your first! With its friendly atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, this event will undoubtedly give you the triathlon bug!

Swim 375 meters

Inside the Piopolis swimming lane, a few meters from the bank, follow the buoys to the first turnaround buoy. 

Bike 10 km

83 meters of d+

A rather flat route along the lake on a nice smooth road. Drive 5 km, until the U-turn sign, and come back to leave your bike in the transition zone in front of the marina. Then put on your running shoes! 

Course 2.5 km 

67 meters of d+

Head back in the opposite direction towards the village of Piopolis and follow the signs to reach Rang des Grenier. Take advantage of the few small hills to admire the view until the U-turn sign and fly to the finish! 

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