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Half long distance triathlon

Discover a daring event that crosses the Canadian-American border during the cycling portion for a unique experience. You will enjoy the best of each of the two countries: a swim in a large pure Canadian lake in a mountainous setting, a portion that highlights the smooth and hilly roads of Maine and a run in an intimate and friendly atmosphere along the Carrabassett River. Take part in the journey!


Check out this guide designed to answer all your questions about the day of the event. 



Swim 1.9 km

A swim that crosses Lake Mégantic, a body of pure, fresh and deep water. From the start, you will have your objective in front of your eyes from afar: the charming village of Piopolis with its church and its beautiful marina.   

From point A to point B, cross the lake in a straight line following the yellow buoys.

Bike 90 km

Elevation: 1025 meters +

A favorite cycling portion for many! Smooth as can be with its small hills and valleys, sumptuous with its views of bodies of water and mountains, intimate in the heart of the forest on a quiet road: pleasure and speed guaranteed! 

Departure of the bike portion from the Piopolis marina. You will follow route 263, then 161 to the American border. After passing through customs, you will follow Route 27 to the Sugarloaf access road at km 82. After a short round trip to the base of the mountain, you will return to Route 27 until the bike-run transition area, in the courtyard of The Sugarbowl restaurant. 

21 km race

Elevation: 225 meters +

A nature trail run along the Carrabassett River on a dirt track. A course where false ascending and descending flats and several plank portions alternate. A perfect atmosphere at the end of the triathlon where you can concentrate, far from the road, while greeting the runners and other triathletes thanks to the round trip type course. 


From the transition area, you will follow the markers to the entrance to the Narrow Gauge Pathway multi-use trail. You will turn left after the small bridge, then follow the track to its end, following the river. You will do a round trip, but before returning to the race site you will do a round trip to the other end. You will then return to the finish, at the Sugarbowl, where your post-race meal will await you. 


Solo or team

All triathlon distances in our event can be done solo or in a team of two or three people. 

Crossing borders

Unique in North America, the half-long distance Piopolis International Triathlon will take you on a journey crossing the Canadian-American borders during the bike course. All you need to do is have your passport and be in good standing, we'll take care of the rest! 

During the first edition, the average time to go through customs was 2 minutes. Everyone's time was subtracted from their total time. 

For more information on this, see the Athlete Guide. 


You train hard, we want to reward you. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the event. More details to come. 

Navettes et transport des vélos

As the start site, the transition zones and the finish are located at 3 different locations, shuttles are provided to bring participants to the start of the swim and to bring athletes and their bikes back to the reception site (T1) at the end of the race. 

More details in the Athlete Guide. 

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