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Demi-marathon Carrabassett Valley WSKI SUGARLOAF TV 17


A fast and beautiful half marathon! 

Come experience the friendly atmosphere of the Carrabassett Valley WSKI SUGARLOAF TV 17 half marathon organized as part of the Piopolis-Carrabassett Valley International Triathlon! 

Try the race course that athletes will take for the final portion of their triathlon.A course where false ascending and descending flats and several plank portions alternate. A perfect atmosphere to concentrate, away from the road, while greeting other runners and triathletes thanks to the round-trip route. You will have the chance to run along the tumultuous and wild Carrabasset River at the same time as the athletes. You will be in the front row to witness the arrival of the first by completing a great challenge yourself, for the love of sport.  


 This half marathon is organized to help the twinning program between primary schools on both sides of the border and organizations helping women victims of domestic violence. 

A natural, historical and refreshing route.

The departure is launched near the Sugarloaf airport on a multifunctional rock dust runway. You will be escorted from start to finish; by lush vegetation, along the Carrabassett River. Take advantage of these optimal conditions to achieve one of your best times in a half marathon. 

Time and location

Sunday, August 25, 2024

8 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.: Delivery of bibs

8:30 a.m.: Start of the race

11 a.m.: Post-race meal

The podiums will be held shortly after the arrival of the first competitors. 

Location: The race site is located behind The Sugarbowl restaurant;1242 Carrabassett Drive, Carrabassett Valley.

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