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Sprint Triathlon

This distance is ideal for beginners or those who like speed! It allows you to experience the exceptional atmosphere of the event, to get a taste for triathlon and to give yourself a new challenge! 

Swim 750 meters

A quick and safe swim, just a few meters from the bank. Inside the Piopolis swimming lane, a few meters from the bank, follow the buoys to the sprint turnaround buoy. 

Bike 20 km

124 meters of d+

Drive up to the magnificent view of the border mountains. A flat and fast route along the lake. After 10 km, the U-turn sign will send you back to the village. Then put on your running shoes! 

Course 5 km 

85 meters above sea level

Departure from the village, alternating hilly sections and board sections, for a lively round trip.  Follow the signs to reach Rang des Grenier. Take advantage of the few small hills to admire the view until the U-turn sign and fly to the finish! 

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